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Chapter 1: A Lockeian Universe

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John Locke’s view of the world sees each person as containing innate human ‘rights’:  The right to own property, our bodies, our labor.  It is the philosophy necessary for capitalism, democracy, and modern society– These ideas aided bourgeoise landholders to ‘hire’ feudal peasants off the land into their factories. It is also allowed young men, and sometimes women to leave the obligations of their families to seek their fortunes in other lands with opportunities and choices.

Ultimately it allows women and men to choose their own spouses and finally, unchoose them in droves in the 1970s.  Locke’s philosophy was the basic requirement for modern individualism.  My brother has been an individual since he was a baby.

Chapter 1: Dear Friend, I have lived in China all my life…

AbuelitaGrosfatti2My  Abuelita and Grosfatti.  Both immigrants to Argentina, Mabel Rose Mugglesworth, abandoned as an infant, would marry Hans (qua Juan) Solbrig in 1929, Hans had lost his arm in the First WWI, immigrating to Argentina to find work in 1928.  He would adopt the four children from Rose’s first marriage to her step brother.

My other grandma believed in the enduring power of being normal, and embraced Americana as a counter weight to her intellectual roots.  She did not set foot on U.S. soil until she was 18.  She took a freighter to Chicago for college in 1921.  She never returned to China.


Chapter 1: Divorced States of America; Where everything goes to seed.

DivorcedStatesInkDadMeWillsonE.O. Wilson, the author of the classical biological text “Sociobiology” taught in my dad’s department at Harvard for most of their mutual careers. Wilson’s mix of conservative politics and biological determinism became a classic case for the critique of science in the women’s movement.  When I eventually went to college, I took a few classes about feminist theory and I learned about this debate. My dad and I rehashed the argument over the dinner table during my spring breaks.